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7 Amelia Island Tours You Won’t Want to Miss

Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or adventurer, Amelia Island tours offer the best way to get to know our area! From trolley rides and kayak excursions to hang gliding thrills and spooky ghost stories, you’re bound to find a tour that lines up with your interests. Experienced local guides ensure that you get the most out of your experience. 

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of tours from which you can choose. For more information regarding the best things to do on the island, you should request a free copy of our Vacation Guide

7 of the Best Amelia Island Tours

1. Trolley Tours 

Sit comfortably on a trolley and listen as an experienced guide delves into the rich history of Amelia Island. The trolley tours lead you through the historic downtown Fernandina Beach area and give you an excellent overview of the area. 

2. Kayak, Boat, and Cruise Tours

Kayak excursions, Backwater Cat Adventures, and dinner cruises. Oh, my! There are so many wonderful boat and kayak tours that will get you out on the water. Some of our favorite experiences and outfitters include: 

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3. Historic Walking Tours 

The Amelia Island Museum of History offers various walking tours that cater to various interests! Learn more about specific eras such as the Gilded Age, dive into architectural studies, and more. 

Read the historic attractions blog for more insight on Amelia Island’s history. 

4. Downtown Tasting Tours 

Food, beverages, laughs, and history collide when you experience Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tours! These tours are a total blast. This tour is for you if you only say “yes” to food events. Take the tour for a one of a kind tour meeting small business owners, 

5. Segway Tours 

If you’ve always wanted to know what riding on a segway is like, then consider a segway tour through Amelia’s Wheels! Don’t worry; an experienced coach will teach you how to ride, and then you can roll around and enjoy Amelia’s beautiful creek and marshside views.  

The parks in Amelia Island are the perfect place to ride around on a Segway on a Saturday afternoon!

6. Tours in the Sky 

For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, opt for a tour in the sky! Soar among the clouds and take in the island’s stunning ocean views from a birds-eye perspective.  

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7. Ghost Tours 

With a history steeped in piracy, it’s no surprise that Amelia Island is home to some of the most fascinating ghost tales! Consider a ghost tour if you’re seeking a scare and want to explore the historic side of the island. 

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