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How to Plan the Perfect Amelia Island Skydiving Adventure

If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, then look no further. Skydiving on Amelia Island is the perfect way to get your heart racing while taking in the stunning views of the Florida coast from above. Maybe you’ve had skydiving on your bucket list for a while. Perhaps you’re feeling a little spontaneous. Regardless, there’s no better destination on the East Coast for a thrilling adventure such as this. Read on to learn more about the different companies in the area that offer skydiving. Then, check out our free Vacation Guide for more input on the best things to do on Fernandina Beach! 

Make the Most of Your Amelia Island Skydiving Adventure 

“There is an art to flying… or rather a knack. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” —  Douglas Adams

Reliable Skydiving Companies on or near Amelia Island

Skydive Amelia

10-minute drive from Fairbanks House 

Skydive Amelia is the perfect option for those who would rather not venture far from Amelia Island during their visit. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasonal diver, rest assured that you’re in great hands. You will be able to tandem dive with experienced staff that has been skydiving for years. Additionally, first-timers receive ample instruction beforehand to ensure safety. 

iFLY Jacksonville

1-hour drive from Fairbanks House

iFLY offers indoor skydiving opportunities that are suitable for anyone over three years old. It’s an excellent option for those who aren’t quite ready for the thrill of jumping from a plane but still want to experience the feeling of falling. Here, you will remain in a controlled wind tunnel that propels you above the ground. 

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Additional Suggestions for an Exciting Amelia Island Getaway

Whether you consider yourself a thrill-seeker or you’re looking to cross a few more items off your bucket list, we’ve got plenty of thoughtful suggestions to include in your itinerary

Stay in the Heart of Downtown Fernandina Beach 

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Skydiving on Amelia Island is one of the many exciting activities that draw visitors to our beautiful slice of Florida paradise year after year. Make the most of your experience when you stay in downtown Fernandina Beach, near all the best shopping and restaurants. Our beautiful Queen Anne Victorian B&B sits in the center of everything. Visitors have their choice of stunning, uniquely appointed accommodations that range from stylish suites to spacious cottages

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