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10 of the Best Amelia Island Boat Tours

Maybe you imagine yourself admiring the sunset over the horizon with the wind in your hair. Perhaps you prefer the idea of casting your line in an attempt to reel in your next “big fish” story to tell the kids. Regardless of what interests you, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect Amelia Island boat tour to make your trip extra special. Continue reading to find the perfect tour you. Then, be sure to check out our free Vacation Guide for more great suggestions to include in your Fernandina Beach itinerary!

Historic Amelia Island Tours on the Water

From adventurous outings on the ocean to relaxing, historic river cruises, we covered all the bases in the following recommendations for local boat tours!

1. Backwater Cat Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating excursion with Backwater Cat Adventure! Board a two-person catamaran for a 2.5-hour tour which leads you through Amelia Island’s backwaters, river routes, and gorgeous marshlands!

During the tour, you can expect to see attractions such as Cumberland Island, GA, and Fort Clinch State Park. You might also spot multiple forms of wildlife such as wild horses, dolphins, and various species of sea birds! Learn about the rich history and diverse ecology of the region from knowledgeable guides who lead the tour. The tour takes off from and returns to the historic downtown Fernandina Beach’s harbor.

Perfect for: Large groups of friends, couples looking for a romantic yet adventurous escapade, and families. This adventure does not require too much physical effort, which makes it relaxing at the same time!

2. Kayak Amelia

If you’re up for the adventure, opt for one of Kayak Amelia’s guided kayak ecotours. Choose between the Marsh Tour, Fort George Island Tour, Sunset Tour, Firefly Tour, and more! It’s the perfect opportunity to get lost in nature and see the local flora and fauna up close. You might see species of birds ranging from spoonbill and swallow tail kite to egret, heron, and osprey!

Perfect for: Adventurous couples who like the idea of working out while having a great time! You should feel comfortable paddling yourself in the kayak to be able to enjoy this tour.

Amelia River Cruises

Amelia River Cruises offers five different cruise options as well as three different private charter options! Whether you’re hoping to dive deeper into the history of Amelia Island or wanting to let loose and enjoy live tunes drinks at twilight, you’re in luck! This tour company provides guests with an unforgettable experience no matter their interests. The following tours and charters are all part of Amelia River Cruises!

3. Cumberland Island Tour

The Cumberland Island Tour is maybe one of the more popular options that Amelia River Cruises offers! In addition to learning the extensive history of both Amelia Island and Cumberland Island, tour guests will cruise by shrimp boats, Fort Clinch, Old Towne and more. You might even be lucky enough to spot the wild horses of Cumberland Island!

4. Beach Creek Tour

Embark on an excursion up Beach Creek on this afternoon tour of Cumberland Island. Take in views of saltwater marshes and all of the vibrant wildlife that makes their home here. Look out for the wild horses and sea birds. You will even get an up-close look of the Dungeness Mansion ruins which are preserved by the National Park Service as part of the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

5. Family Friendly Sunset Tour

There’s something so undeniably magical about seeing the silhouettes of breaching dolphins set against a sunset-painted horizon. People of all ages can enjoy this family-friendly sunset cruise. Sit back and relax while listening to the tour guide spout off intriguing tidbits that shed light on our beloved region.

6. Shrimping Eco Tour

The Shrimping Eco Tour might be one of the more interactive boating tour options on Amelia Island! Deploy and retrieve shrimp nets, and release your catch back into the wild while taking in the breathtaking views of local waterways and learning about the area. On this tour, you will see Big Talbot, Little Talbot, and Fort George which all encompass what is called the Timucuan Ecological Preserve. You will also encounter Cumberland Island National Seashore and Fort Clinch State Park, as well as Tiger Islands and Tiger Basin.

7. Adult Twilight BYOB Cruise

Bring your own beverages of choice on this adults-only twilight cruise! Kick off an evening of island bar hopping with this lively sunset cruise. Live music serenades you as you relax with a drink in hand while admiring the views of orange, pink, and purple hues painting the sky over the water. Just be sure to bring your own cups, corkscrews, flatware, and whatever else you might need to get your drink on! Afterward, you can check out some of the best local bars and restaurants to keep the fun going!

8. Miss Kaylan Charter

Charters are great for planning large events! The Miss Kaylan charger holds up to 49 people, has a restroom aboard, is pet-friendly, and handicap accessible.

9. Miss Kieren Marie Charter

Like Miss Kaylan, Miss Kierien Marie is an excellent charter option that holds up to 49 people! This charter is also pet-friendly and handicap accessible. It also has a restroom aboard!

10. Bald Eagle Charter

The Bald Eagle Charter is a massive boat that holds up to 80 passengers. This boat is not only pet-friendly and handicap accessible, but it can also transport bikes because of its large size.

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