Isle Of Eight Flags - The charisma of Amelia Island has been created by an intriguing chronicle of more than four centuries. Though small in size, Amelia Island is the only territory in the United States to have been under eight flags of domination and has played a prodigious role in shaping Florida history.

The Isle of Eight Flags Historical Marker on Amelia Island

21st Century Amelia

Today, Amelia Island is a happy mix of working watermen, friendly locals, world-class events, artist enclaves, upscale restaurants, local pubs, Victorian splendor, tourist attractions, eco-friendly excursions, and pristine beaches.  And it's all contained on an island that's only thirteen miles long by two miles wide - at its widest point.  You're invited to explore Amelia's history, nature, shops, and restaurants.

Map of Amelia Island

Fernandina Beach is on Amelia Island

Many are confused that these two names are often used interchangeably.  That's because they're one and the same place.  Fernandina Beach is the name of the incorporated town on Amelia Island.  While Amelia Island is thirteen miles long from north to south, Fernandina Beach encompasses the northern half of the island.

The town of Fernandina (also known as Fernandina Beach) is where the vast majority of  shops, restaurants, tours, and attractions, as well as the entire 52-square block Historic District, are located, but the east/west boundaries go from the Amelia River (western boundary) to the Atlantic Ocean (eastern boundary).  The distance from town to the beach is only about a mile and three-quarters, making it very convenient for our guests to make easy use of our complimentary bikes, a backpack and some pool towels to head off for a day at the beach.  For most everything else, a nice easy stroll through Victorian streets with soaring Oaks and dripping Spanish moss in search of great dining, artsy shopping, history tours and beautiful riverfront sunsets is all that it takes.

Street Festival in Amelia Island

Lots to See, Do and Eat

Fairbanks House is located within a 10-minute stroll of most of the things that you'll want to see and do while you're in the area.  We have a little bit of everything, not too much of anything, and that's how we like it here.  Please visit our History, Dining and Activities sections of our website for details that will help you plan an amazing Amelia Island vacation.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.  We've owned Fairbanks House since 1997, and our local knowledge is yours for the asking.