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Visit 5 of the Most Interesting Amelia Island Museums

Maybe you consider yourself a history buff. Perhaps you’d like to find an indoor attraction to cool off from the heat. Regardless of your reasons for visiting, you won’t regret checking out some of the most interesting Amelia Island museums while you’re in town! When the local history includes fascinating tales of pirates, international politics, and a thriving Victoria era, you know that these museums will be a blast!

Read on to prepare yourself for visiting the island’s local museums. Then, request a free copy of our Vacation Guide to get the best local suggestions for things to do. 

5 Fascinating Amelia Island Museums You Have to Visit

1. Amelia Island Museum of History 

The Amelia Island Museum of History resides inside the former Nassau County Jail and is Florida’s first spoken history museum. As many locals know, Amelia Island has some of the most exciting tales of piracy, con artists, and more.  

2. The Maritime Museum of Amelia Island 

Shipwrecks, treasures, and sword-fighting. Oh, my! Head to the Maritime Museum of Amelia Island to engage with Amelia Island’s piracy past. Peruse exhibits featuring everything from Spanish and French treasure to weapons from multiple time periods. 

3. American Beach Museum 

The American Beach Museum highlights the history and origins of American Beach from 1935 to the present. It all started when A. L. Lewis wanted to create a beach resort where African Americans could enjoy “recreation and relaxation without humiliation” during the Jim Crow era. The museum details the history of the beach and its founder. 

4. Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum 

Come and kick-it old-school-style at the Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum! The museum has an impressive collection of pinball machines on which you can pay to play. Some noteworthy machine themes include: 

  • Blondie
  • City Slicker
  • Maverick 
  • Starship Troopers
  • Twilight Zone
  • & more! 

5. Shrimping Museum 

Dive into the shrimping industry’s history at the Shrimping Museum! Learn about net making, shipbuilding, and local traditions. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the families who brought the shrimping industry to Amelia Island and maintained its significant role in the island’s economy. 

More Historic Attractions on Amelia Island

Learn more about Amelia Island’s rich local history by visiting more of the best historical sites and attractions! Some of our favorites include: 

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