Our favorite window cleaner, Sean Allison, is back!  Every year around this time Windows Across America – in the form of Sean – arrives on Amelia Island to clean all of our many, many windows (and our chandelier) inside and out.  There is no window too high and no space to small for Sean to work his magic.  He actually cleans the windows of most of the B&B;’s here and has been doing so for many years.  Some of the local residents have also hired him for their Victorian houses, large and small, but you should check out his website to see some of the more unusual structures that he’s worked on.  He’s been cleaning our windows for six or seven years now.  He travels with the seasons, tries to stay warm and dry, and works a region for a couple of months.  If anyone is interested, he tells me that he’ll be in Florida through the middle of February – and we can give him an unqualified recommendation.