I picked up this sweet vintage cherub lamp along with his twin brother this evening at Eight Flags Antiques just a few blocks up the street.  Perfect fit for an 1885 vintage house, don’t you think?  As a rule, I’m not particularly fond of Victorian decor throughout the inn because we like our guests to be very comfortable and lots of Victorian pieces seem to be more beautiful to gaze upon than sit upon.  But we do like to keep a few things around that let you know that you’re not in a hotel room, but a room where each piece has been carefully selected for the unique layout of the space.  I’ve always found that to be part of the charm of staying at a bed and breakfast.  It’s rare for people to request that a hotel show them all of the other rooms… because they’ll all look like the one that they stayed in.  But it’s a common request here.  And we’re happy to oblige… as long as the other guests have checked out.  It’s one thing to see the rooms online, but it’s another experience entirely to walk through the rooms in person.  We are frequently told that our photos don’t come close to doing our place justice, and we’re working on that, but it’s still a treat to enjoy the details “up close and personal”.  Now, where to put these guys….

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island