Sorry guys. After a very full several days with our wonderful Christmas crowd, I was too pooped to blog last night and I actually forgot. So I missed my Boxing Day entry. For those of you keeping track – and you know who you are – my walk yesterday was up and down the stairs of our 8000 sq ft mansion many, many times due to the number of checkouts that we had. But all is well with the world today, which was (apparently) woodpecker day. We had several kinds showing up all over the place and they’re pretty quick so I could only get this shot of a pileated woodpecker, not as large as we usually see around here. There was one that lived around here for a few years that would only travel between Beech and Date and from 6th to 8th – putting it smack dab in the middle of our treetops. Perhaps this is a young’un, as they say down here.