Is that they’re just so darn hard to load sometimes. I’ve been having trouble for the past few days – hence, no blog posts – but I thought that I’d break tradition and do a post with just words. Hopefully, that will change tomorrow and I’ll be back in the photoblog business. The temperatures have been all over the place for the last week, as they can be in the winter, but today was really nice and got up to almost 70. We’re expecting a bit of a roller coaster ride over the next week but we still haven’t hit freezing even though the predictions were for about 22 degrees one night last week. The forecasts for this area are so frequently wrong that we just take our best guess. We haven’t had a freeze in four winters.

We’ve got a great new event coming up the last week of the month: the first, hopefully annual, Restaurant Week. We’ve always had such good restaurants here that ours show up on Jacksonville’s top 25 lists. Now we’ll have an opportunity to showcase them. There are some good values to be had as well. Hope you can make it. Also on the culinary front,Beech Street Grill has added a very popular Sunday brunch to their list of offerings. You should definitely check that out while you’re here.

Here’s to my bandwidth being back upto speed tomorrow!