Back in the day, the trolley (originally horse-drawn) figured prominently in public transportation on the island. Not only did it ride throughout the downtown area – including right past our house – but it went out to the beach as well. Transportation options were few; unless you had enough money for a carriage or a horse, most folks walked everywhere, so the trolley came in handy. In fact, even in later years cars were a rarity, so much so that when there were only two cars on the island they got into a wreck outside the Palace Saloon. This little rental house was familiar to the rest of the locals because it was the ticket office for the trolley. Just above the window you can see a medallion. When you walk by be sure to take a closer look because you’ll see that it’s in the shape of a trolley. These days we have Polly the Trolley for tours around the island but the public transportation life of the trolley is long gone.