This is the greeting that awaits me every evening after my walk.

The Three Horsemen of the Fairbanks House

While neither Bill nor I ever had a cat growing up – we were both in “doghouses” – we found that when we bought Fairbanks House, stray cats just started to select our place to take up residence.  And who could blame them?  A large mansion with lots of porches under which to hide, an acre of grounds to stalk, and innkeepers whose mission in life is to provide hospitality for all.

Allergy-Free Inn

Davey, Panther and Billy were all Fernandina Beach feral (wild) cats so they are very much at home living outdoors.  In fact, because we maintain an allergy-free environment at our bed and breakfast, these guys are never allowed inside of the inn.  Fear not, animal lovers, for when the weather gets cold, they each have their own shelter with blankets in which to cozy.

If you’d like to pet one of them, Panther – all black – will be your best bet.  She’s been domesticated and has no problem appeasing cat lovers.  Billy is about halfway there… so if you stay for a week and work at it every day, you might be able to pet him.  Davey’s just not capable, so please don’t take offense.  He’s been here for about nine years and I’m still the only one who can touch him.

Skittish or not, they all faithfully line up to await my return from my Amelia Island Photo Walks.  And a welcome sight it is.