Ahhh… Indigo Alley:  speakeasy, wine bar, coffee house, hippie bar, jazz club.  All of these monikers fit one of my favorite (if not THE) favorite pubs of Fernandina.  Mike and Sherry Garbarini have done a fabulous job of creating a pub with a really great vibe.  Just about every night, you can wander in for some great music by local musicians, easy conversation and a nice selection of beer and wine.  There will be an occasional film or CD release party too, and it will always feel “just right”.  You can find their entertainment calendar for upcoming events here.  If you’re a musician or a cigar enthusiast, you’ll find a small retail area inside to cover your cagar and guitar needs too.  When you go, save a seat for me at the bar and have them pull me a Killian’s Red.

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island