Or maybe I should say “last weekend”. My blog has been dark since last week because my beloved blogging computer buckled under the weight of all of my blog photos and rebelled in a most convincing manor. The fabulous Innkeeper Bill who hasn’t met a mechanical, electrical or electronic device that he can’t fix managed to bring her back to life and put my blog back in business. In the meantime, we had a variety of interesting guests over the weekend so I’ve decided to share their happiness with you. And, when a potential guest asked me last week if “your bed and breakfast is only for women” I decided that I’d better get some shots of our happy guys here instead of just our fabulous ladies groups. But I’m not leaving out our ladies – we love ’em. So, I give you… happy honeymooners, happy guys at Social Hour, happy triathalon finishers, happy birthday girls and happy Tower-dwelling girls. And a happy innkeeper with a fixed computer.

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island