Tonight is the last night of filming on Amelia Island for the cast and crew of The Diary of Preston Plummer, an independent film that’s been evolving on the island over the last three weeks – and it’s ending with a party scene in the house next door.  When the location manager told us that they would be busing in 40 – 60 college age individuals for the “party” scene, we got a little nervous.  I have to say that they’ve been incredibly quiet and professional.  I’m told that they film the scene in almost complete silence except for the two actors in dialogue at the time, and then the rest of the soundtrack is added later.  I believe them.  They’ve just arrived with a 300 watt bulb for us to put in our bathroom window to light the final scene that they’ll be shooting because it will take place in our driveway… in the wee hours of the morning.  Our bathroom is lit up like an airport but we’re closing the door and going to bed.  Rumer Willis and Trevor Morgan, we’ll just have to meet you some other time.  Gosh, I sure hope that none of the cats show up as photo bombs in the scene.