I figure that Thanksgiving Weekend 2010 is just as good a time as any to get back to blogging.  My goodness how time flies when you’re decorating an entire house and three cottages for the holidays.  Not to mention baking hundreds of cookies for our annual Holiday Cookie Tour of Inns.  But we’re all decorated now and our fabulous Thanksgiving guests have all checked out so I’ve got a little bit of time to put up some photos.

We had another great turnout of participants in the Black Friday Pajama Party at the shops on Centre Street so we snapped a few photos before they headed out for bargains.  Diane, here, is sporting a lovely red and gold Christmassy flowing sheath (that I coveted).

 The Christophers were back with us for the second Thanksgiving in a row (we’re honored) and looked just as regal as last year in front of the tree.

And the Devlins are also looking spiffy.  I’d say that they’re returning from last year, but Cate only brought about 2/3 of herself back this year due to an excellent fitness regime.  Way to go, Cate.  We’re already looking forward to next year with you.  (Note to other guests:  room #5 is taken for next Thanksgiving.)
First-timers Bridget and Paul tried to hide in their camouflage jammies but we found ’em. 
Bill and Irene coordinate well with the living room, don’t ya think?
And……ahhh…. our grand prize winners – for Fairbanks House AND the town… Lee and Vivienne.  You haven’t lived until you’ve served a little girl and her 6’4″ sock monkey breakfast.  Congratulations, guys.  Everyone made it a blast.
But the night before, they were all quite handsome and beautiful before we headed out the door to dinner.  Fine looking crowd, indeed.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  We hope that yours was great.