The churches were all doing bustling business on this beautiful Sunday morning. Clockwise from top left would be: Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal. There are several more churches in the Historic District, but these are all my time would allow me to photograph this morning.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was designed by the same architect as our inn: Robert Schuyler. He was considered by many to be the finest architect of the day, so George Fairbanks brought him down from New York to build our (their) house. While Schuyler was here, Fairbanks had him design the Episcopal church. Fairbanks was a devout Episcopalian and was one of the founders of the College of the South (now known as the University of the South) – an Episcopal university in Sewanee, Tennesee. The Fairbanks’ primary residence, called “Rebels’ Rest,” is now a guest house at the university. The residence in Fernandina was just a winter home. We use it year-round.