I have a hobby of collecting boat names and trying to read the minds of the owners who named them.  With the active fishing, sailing and charter boat activity on Amelia Island, there is never any shortage of material from which to draw.

Humorous Boat Name at the Fernandina Beach Marina

As I take my walks around town each evening, I inevitably end up down at the Amelia River because it’s just a short stroll from Fairbanks House, the waterfront always beckons and it feeds my hobby.

The philosophy behind naming boats has always intrigued me.  You can tell when someone names their boat after their kids or a significant other, but I like to imagine the effort that goes into the struggle to sum up someone’s hopes, dreams, attitudes or sense of humor in a one or two-word moniker that will be painted on, registered and put out there for the world to see – and judge.

Since we’re fond of humor here at Fairbanks House, this boat – the “Stray Cat” won the award for biggest smile-inducer on the river this morning.