Downtown Fernandina now has two Mexican restaurants: Pablo’s, a guest favorite, and now Pepper’s, a resstaurant that has relocated from the center of the island.  Many of our guests will remember the old Bank of America building at the corner of Centre and Sixth, but this is what it looks like now.  Local businessman, Don Shaw, bought the building a couple of years ago, put a good bit of money into bringing it in line with bricked look of the rest of Centre Street, and split it into two sections that now house some fine casual eateries.  The General Store deli opened late last year, and now Peppers has opened featuring casual Mexican dining inside and out.  We’re grateful to all investors for their efforts and our guests are happy that they now have two more choices within a couple of blocks of Fairbanks House.  And the neighborhood smells sooooo good.  We now have nine restaurants within two blocks of the inn.  Yum.

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island