We finally seem to be getting into our evening summer thunderstorm pattern.  I’m trying to ignore the fact that we’re two weeks from Labor Day and the “summer” is almost over and just be grateful for the rain that we’re getting now.  Everyone’s lawns look pretty sad:  so sad that the Florida Times Union did an article about it in the Sunday paper yesterday.  We had a winter about which we will not speak that killed half of everyone’s yards followed by a summer of uncharacteristic heat and drought.  That combo has been working on killing the replacement landscape, including our new sod.  Even if things are surviving, nothing is thriving.  And there aren’t as many blooms as we’re used to either (but there are still plenty).  Oh sure, it’s hot and dry everywhere in the summertime but we don’t usually get this many consecutive days over 90 around here.  Lots of you have had so many days over 100 degrees this year that you’d be thrilled with 90’s so we can put that in perspective too.  We’ve been here for thirteen years and our thermometer has never registered 100 degrees.  And, yes, it works.  They’re calling for 80’s all this week so we’ll enjoy the rain and the lower temperatures.  I hope that you all get some of the same.