When asked to describe our area to potential guests, the names “Norman Rockwell” and “Mayberry” frequently roll off of our tongues.  And for good reason.  Fernandina really is a charming place.  We’ve owned the inn for thirteen years now and we’ve just heard that our 35th couple have bought here.  (Welcome Lisa and Rob.)  And I’ve just heard from a travel writer who covered us a few years ago who is also interested in buying here.  And I know that some of you who read my blog (thank you) are considering the move because you e-mail me.  (FYI, I’m not a realtor and I have no affiliation with any and I know nothing about the housing market.) We’ve got difficult tax, insurance and employment issues… but if you can get by those, it’s a great place to live.  You’re all welcome to join us here, but if you don’t want to make the move, then just come spend some time with us here at Fairbanks House.  Part-time residents are welcome.