And, BOY, am I excited. I’ve gotten e-mails and calls that tell me that you will be too. Our pelican pals were fun to look at for a few days but they’re getting a bit old now. So I thought that I would shoot a self-portrait to show how happy I am to have my camera back, working and ready for blogging. The garden hat that I’m wearing was made for me by a wonderful guest from Charleston, Virginia Green, who stayed with us last weekend for Memorial Day and – more importantly – to celebrate her daughter Ginny’s birthday. Thanks Virginia, I love it.

What a wonderful business we’re privileged to be in. We have incredibly nice guests who enrich our lives, give us gifts, pay us, give us a hug on the way out the door and then write wonderful things about us on the internet. I’d like to publicly thank all of those who have written such kind and generous reviews on Trip Advisor. The feeling is mutual. It doesn’t get any better than this.