Anyone who has been to Amelia Island will tell you that it is an island of cats. Lots and lots of cats. There is an organization called “Cats’ Angels” who rounds up the strays and then spays or neuters them, gives them their shots and puts them back where they found them if they’re too old to adopt out. Three of these have found their way onto our property and have taken up residence. NONE of them are allowed inside (those allergic need not be concerned) but they are well-fed and looked after. In fact, every house on our block has cat food on the porch for the strays. Meet… Davey (Davey Crockett – raccoon tail..) with us the longest but still the most feral of the bunch. After six years, I’m still the only one who can touch him.

..and Panther – the best hunter, climber and show-off. Has been known to amaze an audience of cats at the base of a palm tree while she lounges in the fronds at the top. Was rescued once from the roof of our four-story mansion. Likes to be petted but not held.

… and, our latest arrival, Billy (the Kid) aka Billy the Liar because he tells unsuspecting guests that he’s allowed inside. Although the three seem to have worked it out between themselves and have found a way to get along, they’re really frienemies and compete for my attention. If you’re looking for a cat and would provide a great home, Billy would make you happy. But it might be too late because he makes me happy too.