This is my buddy, Hamish, who greets me every time that I walk up the street. He lives with Sarah who owns the Celtic Charm shop on Centre Street – which many of you already know is my favorite shop on Centre. Hamish is an excellent lizard wrangler and cat spotter. He’ll pay a good game of fence-racing with you if you’re so inclined. Mostly we just have a brief but pleasant conversation as I walk past his house. He’d be happy to have a conversation with you, as well.

PLEASE NOTE that the blog will “go dark” for a couple of days while I recover from a little incident that I had on the treadmill today. Safety tip: when you’re running on the treadmill, there will not be enough time for it to come to a stop in order for you to answer the phone before it rolls over to the answering machine. If you do not observe this safety tip you may end up with smashed elbows, a bruised back and a sprained ankle. It could happen.

Fairbanks House