As chair of the Cookie Tour of Inns, I had the pleasure of presenting a check for $1400 to the Friends of the Library this evening on behalf of the Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast Association. With each of the tours that we’ve done, we’ve partnered with a nonprofit organization to bring attention to their good deeds, and to raise funds for their cause. A portion of the proceeds from all of the tours that we’ve put on in the last 15 years has gone back to our community that we care so much about and who has always been so supportive of our inns. We’re proud to have raised tens of thousands of dollars for these organizations.

And this year it was the library’s turn. As in many communities recently, funding for our library system has been cut and the good folks of the Fernandina Beach Friends of the Library raise funds year-round to support programs at our library. We’re grateful for the work that they do and for the outstanding job that many of their volunteers did as docents at our inns during the tour. Chances are, if someone was telling an interesting story to you during the Cookie Tour this year, it was one of these folks right here. And, since most of them were too busy during the tour to enjoy the cookies, I made them a fresh batch today and begged them to show their enthusiasm for the photo op. Clearly, they’re quite theatrical in addition to being outstanding docents. But these were sugar cookies with a dark chocolate mint fudge topping so maybe it wasn’t an act. Thank you Friends of the Library. Spend the money well and enjoy the cookies. And everyone else, please support your local library.

Fairbanks House