We have lots of great watering holes here in Fernandina, and the Dog Star Tavern is definitely a favorite of ours… and our guests.

It’s kind of undefinable, that feeling that you get when you walk into a place and it just feels right.  We’re lucky enough to have lots of places like that on Amelia Island, but the newest place to make me feel that way is the Dog Star Tavern.  It’s exposed brick and local artwork sets the right tone as soon as you walk through the door, but the laid back approach of the bartenders and patrons add to the warmth.  Toss in a great selection of microbrews on tap and a no-smoking policy inside, and you’ll see why even the bikes are relaxed at Dog Star Tavern.

Innkeeper hours have us in the pubs at a fairly (i.e. very) early hour but for those of you who prefer a bit more action in your bars, the latter part of the evening brings in a younger crowd and music most nights of the week.  There are dart boards in the back and a patio outside for those who like that in your tavern, as well.  Oh yeah, they’ve actually got mixed drinks, too.

Dog Star Tavern is a definite stop on any trip to Fernandina, or Amelia Island, in general.