The rainy start to the day didn’t stop me from heading down to the Fernandina Farmers Market this morning to pick up some kitty sprouts from my favorite booth for all things natural, Ms. Christine’s. She’s always carried natural dog treats but I saw in the newsletter that she’d be carrying “cat grass” this week so I headed down to grab some. So far so good with the ferals; they seem to be happy to improve their diet. And I also picked up some sunflower and pea sprouts to improve mine.

We’re all over-dressed for the weather in these photos. The day also started out a bit cool but Felix warmed things up with his harmonica. By the end of the market, the warm front had arrived and, as I type this at 7:36pm, it’s still 67 degrees. Fear not our friends from England who are about to embark on a two-week trip to Florida (and you know who you are), the sun shall shine on you. Maybe not your first day or two… but things will clear up.

Fairbanks House