We had a great day here with our guests on Christmas Eve today. We sent everyone out on carriage tours while we all had drinks and hors d’oeuvres and then managed to squeeze in a few sweets (thanks to my niece Jenny’s recipe for Oreo Balls) before Bill and I set up for breakfast for twenty nine. Here’s Sarge, the carriage horse, showing me his antlers that he’s sporting for the occasion.

And the Britt family awaiting the next tour on the porch with fuel for Sarge in their clutches.

And a partial view of the dining room all set for the morning.
And a view of the overflow table in the living room. We always get the nicest guests for Christmas and this year is no exception. I’m looking forward to Bill’s pumpkin pancakes with a caramel pecan topping for breakfast and a wonderful dinner at Amelia Island Plantation tomorrow evening. Should be a fun time for all. And now for a little shut-eye to make sure that Santa gets to do his thing.