Since we have lots of animal lovers out there and many of you have expressed interest in Billy’s story, I thought that I’d give you an update. Basically, Billy’s doing great. He’s getting more confident in – and aware of – his surroundings, and he’s venturing out a little bit more with his babysitting buddy, Davey (Davey Crockett raccoon tail). He hasn’t had any more walkabouts since he wandered up to the corner and across the street that first week so I think that he’s figured out the boundaries of our yard. I still take all three of the cats to the back yard each evening and Billy just follows the sound of my voice and Davey waits for him, just to be sure that he’s coming the right way. Once we get there they both jump into the Adirondak chairs and sit for a couple of hours, and then I come back and get them and we reverse the route. Panther has proved to be more of a manager than a hands-on babysitter, but she’s good in emergencies. So here’s where I left the two of them about 20 minutes ago, perfectly content and pleased with the change of venue for a couple of hours. Billy and Davey would like to thank everyone for their concern and good wishes.

Fairbanks House