The azaleas are definitely on the wane but the jasmine is on the rise.  If the jasmine is anything like the azaleas were this year, we’re in for a treat.  Maybe they like a cold winter every once in awhile.  Maybe it kills the pests that ail azaleas… and other plants.  Several of our plants look the best that they’ve ever looked this year, which tells me that we’ve been planting the wrong things.  We’ve  got things in the garden that like it colder.  And that’s not something that we normally provide around here.  And that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about our landscape project going on this week.  We’re replacing a whole lot of plants with north Florida native, drought tolerant, eco-friendly, wildlife attracting specimens.  We’ve even got a large butterfly garden going in in the back yard.  We selected three areas to transform on this project but we’re so enthusiastic that Bill and I are taking on some other sections on our own.  Blisters? Yes.  Sore? Yes.  Worth it?  You betcha.  If you haven’t stayed with us for awhile, it’s time to come back.  Come see what we’re doing.  Just in time for Earth Day.

Fairbanks House