With all of the snow and ice up north this week (month, year), I thought that you guys might want to see a little bit of edible greenery in the form of these nice raised beds at Lulu’s at the Thompson House (formerly Lulu’s Bra and Grill).  So many of our restaurants in Fernandina are putting in chef’s gardens these days and we’re all the better off for it.  Very fresh greens and produce year-round; we love it.  When we lived up north I used to get through this time of year by drooling over the seed catalogs and planning out the vegetable and herb gardens.  I grew several kinds of tomatoes, red/green/yellow peppers, zucchini, crookneck squash, Silver Queen corn, sunflowers, watermelon, cantaloupe, sugar peas, bush beans and about twenty different kinds of herbs.  In fact, we bought almost nothing at the store.  I’ve got a few herbs growing here, but I’m afraid that I’ve never been able to master growing fruits and vegetables in sand and blazing summer sun.  Any suggestions?  Who wants to put me back on the right track?  Volunteers are welcome.

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island