Dear Weatherpeople,

Despite these ominous (yet interesting) clouds that floated above the island today, the rain just keeps passing us by. I know that our friends in Atlanta are ready to send it down to us and we’re ready to accept the gift but it’s just not hattnin’ for us. You said that there was an 80% chance of rain today and we got about five minutes of very light sprinkles. Technically, you were correct in that we did get raindrops. But when I read that there’s an 80% chance of something, I’m not expecting that something to be five minutes of sprinkles. I’m thinking 80% chance of turn off the sprinklers, break out the umbrellas, cats get a bath, resurrection fern comes back, drop the pollen count, bring in the cool front, send the guests to the museum kind of event. Please change your vocabulary or get some skills.

Very Truly Yours,

Innkeeper/ Owner
Fairbanks House