I mean my hair!  Of course I’m going to keep blogging!  When I checked the totals on my Blogger dashboard, I noticed that I’d done 999 posts so I decided that the 1000th should be something different.  This is what 1000 blog posts worth of hair looks like.  I’ve had it cut a few times since I started blogging about three and a half years ago, but not much.  I’ve given my hair to Locks of Love twice already and this will probably be the last time because I’m almost 53 and the grey is really starting to creep in.  It’s easy to pull back for cooking and other innkeeping purposes but it’s getting kind of hot… so I’m tempted.  So… do I tough it out and stay warm one more winter, or do I chop it off and give it to the kids now?  What do you think? You can comment here, or click on the Facebook page link to the left and comment there.

Fairbanks House – Amelia Island