Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Amelia Island was known as the “Riviera of the South” and this was as warm as the Northerners could get in the wintertime because this was as far south as the railroad went. Tourism was king. Then…. Henry Flagler came along and took the railroad all the way down to Key West and all of the money got up and followed. That left quite a void in these parts and the paper mills and a redeveloped port followed. Today, tourism has come back with a vengeance but it co-exists with industry. It’s a somewhat rocky marriage, but – with counseling – we manage to make it through all of the anniversaries. In fact, we’re downright co-dependant, in that many families have one parent working in tourism and the other parent working in the industrial side of the economy. We’ve got a pretty good balance going on. The yin and the yang.